My FIRST Genuine Boeing Part!

Front view of an original Boeing 737 Yoke

Hah!!! my first genuine Boeing part…  just won a 737 F/O side yoke and column on ebay.  He says he’ll have the Pilots side up soon.  I also won one rudder pedal.  that will allow me to copy it.  I see a welder in my future.  I’m also looking into casting it.  We’ll see…  I’m interested in seeing what he’s going to sell the CAPT side yoke for.

Well..  it would appear that he figured out he had me hooked.  He started the bidding much higher for the CAPT side yoke.  I put in an initial bid but lost.  Instead, I ordered a yoke from SAID, in Holland.  the pics look GREAT!

Captain's side yoke by Said.

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