Captains side yoke arrives

Front view of my Captain's side yoke

For those that remember, I ended up ordering a CAPT side yoke from Said in the Netherlands.  I sourced him from Ian Sisson’s page.

Well, let me tell you…  I am impressed.  Granted, this isn’t next day delivery, but it was worth the wait.  This is a substantial yoke.  When I hold it next to my authentic Boeing Yoke, it actually looks like it can take a better beating.  They look identical, but this version just seems heftier.

It comes with the AP disconnect button (looks exactly like the real thing), the double trim buttons with guard (also looks identical to the real thing), and a removable front plate that would normally be covered by the clipboard.

Behind the plate is a wiring harness that allows you to run whatever cables you want out of the yoke.  Nice setup.

Anyway, here’s a pic, and if you’re looking for the next best thing to the real thing… (actually for the price, it’s better), let me know and I’ll pass you Said’s info.

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