Work has begun on upgrading my MIP

Well, work began today in earnest to try to get my MIP upgraded from a solid 200 lbs of MDF to a more manageable sheet metal, steel and aluminum structure.  As I prepare to move to Germany, I have to really look at total weight of my toys…

I’ve been piddling with this for a while now and today I was able to devote 110% to it.  I was cutting, welding, and drilling like a fool.  Still didn’t get done, but I did manage to get through a good piece of it.  The challenges are trying to make all my odds and ends that I’ve collected over the years work together.

I’m running out of time to get this all done, and projects keep getting pushed (pedestal, overhead, yardwork) but it is important that I make max use of being in the US for acquiring materials as the cost is very prohibitive once I get to Europe.

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