Progress Report

Not looking too bad.  I’m kind of stalled here as I am having way too much fun flying.  This is the farthest along I’ve been in the varying stages of this build.  I think the the next stage will be the pedestal.  I have everything I need, just need to get to it.  The Aft Overhead will probably come after the pedestal, followed by the second CDU.  Again, I have everything…  just need to put it all together.

I also installed two fantastic chronographs I purchased from a friend.  Unfortunately, I only have one completely hooked up right now.  Once I finish up the backlighting, I’ll get the other one wprking and post some pics and details.  Suffice to say, they are a nice piece of work

01-10-2013 002 01-10-2013 004 01-10-2013 002 01-10-2013 001

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