Build 2.0 is born!

The time has come to unveil build 2.0. I finally have time to document the progress.

Before I continue I want to caveat that build 1.0 was an attempt to build everything myself. For the most part, when I had the time to work on the sim, it was a satisfying project. For instance, I built my MIP by hand, entirely out of two pieces of sheet steel, and square tubing. I was able to learn a lot of new skills such as welding and powder-coating, but such endeavors come at a cost of time and supplies. Unfortunately, my work keeps me from my sim for long periods of time and moving to Europe added complications to finding the supplies I needed at the prices I was willing to pay. Economically, it just made sense to move ahead with build 2.0

I made the decision to rebuild following my third visit to FSWeekend in Lelystad. Six months later I can finally get you up to speed.

Stay tuned!

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