Installing the Forward and Aft Overhead

Hello again! Just catching up on some progress.

As you can see in the pics, the forward and overhead are mounted. It is hard to believe that is done. Getting the aft in has been the longest project on my sim in general. I still haven’t installed a third ACP in there as I plan to build a custom ACP that will function as my sound mixer/amp (another project).

The forward overhead is the completed version 2 from Opencockpits and runs on SIOC. It is a rock solid overhead and with the included script runs without any issues on Prosim.

The aft overhead is the Simworld kit. I have replaced the flaps panel and IRS panel with the new Opencockpits BKI panels and everything is connected to an Opencockpits Aft Overhead card which is connected to two mastercards. Everything connects to the USB expansion card used in the forward overhead

Forward overhead in place. Relay cards and interfaces visible. You can also see the projectors through the hole in the roof which I’ve left open for access. You can see my initial installation of the chart lights. Those would be moved later (see last pic)

Both the forward and aft overheads mounted. The gap between them was unavoidable. I think it is due to the Forward overhead being thicker than the original model and the shell not being true to size. You can also see some of the mods I had to make to the liners to fit them.

If you look at the eyebrow molding you can see the chart lights I mounted. These were rotating ball lights normally used in an RV which I removed from their original housing and installed in the molding. They rotate and illuminate the chart clipboards on the windowshields

All in all, coming together nicely. You can also see my addition of chart lights.

Now you can see how I solved the problem of the gap. PVC is nice to work with. Thanks Gwyn! You can also clearly see the panel blank I cut from PVC and painted to fill the ACP mounting location on the aft overhead

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