So the coolest thing just happened…

Had my first official visitor to my sim today, not just a buddy/enthusiast coming over.

So, at work, we have reservists that get assigned to us to do their mandatory annual service for about a month each year.  We stagger them to always give us some extra people and we normally get the same guys/gals each year.

Well, one of these guys that showed up to work in my section is a 737-800 FO with Southwest when he isn’t doing his reserve time!

Guess who just spent about four hours burning up the virtual skies in my sim!  He had heard about it, but it blew his mind when he saw it in person.

What had me all excited was watching someone sit in my left seat while I took the right seat, who knew what the hell they were doing.  Right down to working the seats…

I already had it queued up at Gate C15 in Phoenix, cold and dark with ground power available when he showed up at my place.  Coincidentally, he lives and flies out of Phoenix.  he plopped down in the seat, checked the power panel and hit ground power.   Then went right into getting it up and ready to fly.  he programmed a simple pattern into the CDU, and apart from my fueling the plane and providing pushback, got it into the air.

It was so cool me calling out 80 knots, V1, rotate, and once airborne, him calling for gear up, and I was on it, then through flap retraction and climb.

What it pointed out is that I really need to get FSCrew working…

He just left, stunned at what I had in basement.

Sorry…  this was my first real exposure to someone that understands visiting my sim.