B737NG-SIM back online

www.b737ng-sim.com is back up and running. A new streamlined interface based on a wordpress blog should ensure easier updating of the site. Check back often as I will be adding in all the prior content from the last website.

Just a bit more archival data to add, then I’ll get caught up on the last six months.  Please be patient.

B737NG-SIM’s Official First Test Flight is a go!

News!  At last!
I’ve built the MIP shell and I’ve spent what little time I have messing with the visuals.  I’ve settled on dual projectors.  Couldn’t fit the third one in the space I have.  Also abandoned the curved screen for two sides, and a front screen.

I’ve also installed the monitors that will house the MIP screens.  I’m currently running the nthusim demo and FsXpand Demo.  Unless something else comes along, it looks like that will be the way to go.  Financially, not my preferred route but some things can’t be helped.

Anyway, here’s the video of the first flight ever for what will be B737NG-SIM:

Captains side yoke arrives

Front view of my Captain's side yoke

For those that remember, I ended up ordering a CAPT side yoke from Said in the Netherlands.  I sourced him from Ian Sisson’s page.

Well, let me tell you…  I am impressed.  Granted, this isn’t next day delivery, but it was worth the wait.  This is a substantial yoke.  When I hold it next to my authentic Boeing Yoke, it actually looks like it can take a better beating.  They look identical, but this version just seems heftier.

It comes with the AP disconnect button (looks exactly like the real thing), the double trim buttons with guard (also looks identical to the real thing), and a removable front plate that would normally be covered by the clipboard.

Behind the plate is a wiring harness that allows you to run whatever cables you want out of the yoke.  Nice setup.

Anyway, here’s a pic, and if you’re looking for the next best thing to the real thing… (actually for the price, it’s better), let me know and I’ll pass you Said’s info.

FDS Signature Series MIP Arrives!

FDS Signature Series MIP

Well, my MIP arrived.  I am extremely happy with what I received.  I won this FDS Signature Series MIP on eBay for a great price.  As you know, I was originally going to buiild my MIP with my CNC.  Well, I’ve been playing with the CNC for the last couple of days and after receiving my MIP, I have to say that it will be a while before I can produce anything like this.

Regardless, I can now at least put together the MIP stand and MIP and get started on the actual sim.

I will admit to wasting a couple of weeks putting the shell together to ensure I have the room for the sim.  Bottom line, I’m going with it.  If it gets to the point that my visuals suffer, then  I will go with LCD monitors and someone will get a good deal on three projectors!  I tend to overanalyze and overbuild.  This time, I’m going for broke!

I go on leave next Monday and I’ve decided that two weeks from then, I will be flying with a MIP and at least a rudimentary overhead.  If the throttle gets here, then even better.  I will be building my yokes during this time also.  Maybe if I can churn something useful out of the CNC, I’ll route out an build the rudder pedals too.

I have to get to a flying stage even though I am not looking forward to replicating a fresh install with everything that I currently have installed,  Stay tuned!

FDS Signature Series MIP

Well,  I’ve been busy with work, but have gotten the projectors installed fairly well.  There will be some adjustments needed.

the big news is that I just won an ebay auction for an FDS signature series MIP.  Great price, it remains to be seen what I receive but I have a good feeling about this.  For the price I got it at, I’ll forgo making my own with the CNC in favor of this one for the time being.  This was just in the nick of time as I was about to start building the MIP stand this weekend.  I guess I’ll wait now until I receive this.

Back at home, and gearing up to begin construction

Well, it’s official, the wife thinks I’ve lost my mind.
She didn’t waste any time showing me the mountain of stuff that had arrived while I was gone.

It’s all coming together.  I spent the day today rearranging the basement to make room for the 737.  Tomorrow I’ll disassemble the trusty Cherokee and start parting her out.  I plan to also cut the framework for the shell.

Here’s some pics that will give you an idea of the space I have available.  The room is 82.5 in wide (209.55cm) and 75.5 in deep/long (191.77cm).  it is 92 in high (233.68cm).  Based on the size of the FDS shell for sale, it will fit as long as I can cut 6 inches off the sides… give or take.

Looking into my simpit from outsidePiper Cherokee 235 Simpit

Piper Cherokee 235 Simpit

Working on the visuals… Jumping the gun… hope it works out

Happy Birthday to me….  It’s been days of researching visuals.  I’ve convinced myself that I can get three projectors into the small space and onto a curved screen.  Researching…..

I just picked up three MP772ST projectors for $760 each, and I get another 3% refund from ebates.  Got great prices on each, no shipping charges, and I got money back from ebates.com!!!