Captain and FO Ipeco Seats for sale!

All right everyone. Another good deal for someone in Germany.

I’m selling my Captain and F/O Ipeco seats that are located in Stuttgart, Germany. They are out of an MD, not a 737, and I had to build a base for them to sit level. They are mounted on revolution Simproducts J-rails and will be sold complete as a set. I won’t part out the J-Rails, sorry. Since the seats are modified MD seats, these J-Rails are needed for them to function correctly.

I am selling them as a pair with the Revolution Simproducts J-rails for $2750 and they will need to be picked up in Stuttgart, Germany.

They are full working order. The fabric is worn in spots, and the cushions are also but that is normal for end of service life seats. These were purchased from APHS back in 2011.

I don’t have the time to put into shipping them, sorry.

Prosimparts Radio Sets for sale

I’m cleaning house and have several Prosimparts pedestal panels for sale.

There are enough parts here for two complete working Standard series Radio Sets + ATC.

I’m selling them each for 200 EUR (1 x COM, 1 x NAV, 1 x ADF, 1 x ATC) or you can buy everything you see here for 350 EUR (plus shipping).

They are not interfaced, but everything is included to connect them to your card of choice. These are great little units and I’d be using them if I hadn’t bought a CPFlight Pedestal.