New MIP arrives

I did it! I finally put up, and bought the MIP 2.0 DSTD Bundle from Flightdeck Solutions.

I have been trying to convince myself for years that I wanted it but just couldn’t get myself to commit. Peter Cos has been patient with me over the years of my back and forth and I am happy to say I was able to finally pass him some well-deserved business.

I want to take the opportunity to thank FDS for a great buying experience. The whole staff was friendly and treated me like I was the only customer. My goal was to receive the MIP as my Christmas present to myself and to my delight, FDS expedited the shipping to ensure it hit my local airport in time for me to pick it up from Customs the day before Christmas! Steve and Peter also took the time over the Christmas Holidays to answer my questions on assembly. Thanks again, guys!

The MIP came boxed up with all the pieces well wrapped in bubble wrap. Opening the box it was evident I had a lot of assembly ahead of me. Once Steve provided the assembly instructions via email, I was able to identify each piece, and all the fasteners were individually bagged and clearly marked.

Here are a couple of shots of the bubble wrapped parts.

The FDS MIP bundle also include the CDU bay.

Test fit of the CDU bay with the TQ. Looks good!

Starting to come together

More to follow as I start to wire it up. Stay tuned.