Revolution Simproducts Throttle Quadrant purchased

Stock photo of Revolution Simproducts Proline Throttle Quadrant

I just bought my throttle quadrant…  it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought, so I must think I’m getting a good deal!  Seriously, I just paid for the Revolution-Simproducts Proline Motorized Throttle Quadrant.  I was a little upset at first as the “draw you in” price was considerably cheaper.  After some thought and more reading though, I’m convinced I’ve made a good decision.  Now I have to wait the seven weeks or so to get it.

It is taking considerably longer than the promised seven weeks to receive the throttle quadrant.  I am only able to remain patient due to the fact I spend most of that time deployed. To their credit, they are continuously updating the product as they build these.  This is the price I pay for jumping on early.

For those interested in purchasing a TQ from Rev-Sim, click on the link below: