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This page contains links to other cockpit builder sites that have influenced, helped, guided, and motivated me.  As I tap into their work for my flightdeck, I’ll add them to this list as a way to acknowledge their influence on my project.

These are the sites I spend all night looking at for new ideas.  They are listed in the order I found them while researching, so no offense should be taken by position in the list.

If you’d like me to add your flight deck to the list, send me the link!  I’m always looking for new sites to get ideas from.

The people that have directly and indirectly helped me are to numerous to individually thank.  Regardless, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. – This is Ian Sisson’s website.  An excellent resource for anything to do with the building of a 737 sim.  He has a little of everything, with great tips on doing it on a budget.

FlightDeck 737NG – Juan Cordon’s all-encompassing resource on measurements.  This site has almost everything you need in the way of measurements for a 737 flightdeck.  Juan’s site also has some great ideas on building some of the cockpit parts.

737-800 Fixed Base Trainer – This is Ivar Hestnes’ site.   Great resource for building a cockpit shell.  His site is not limited to that however.  he is leading the way in a number of 737 flightdeck innovations.

Claxton Flight Simulator – While not strictly a 737 flightdeck build, this site demonstrated the ability to build a flight deck in the confines of an area close to what I have available.  Great ideas on projectors and such for space available.  Probably a very good thing I didn’t find this site when I was building my GA flight deck…

Creative Simulation Flightsim 737NG – This is an OUTSTANDING site for information on flight controls.  Particularly the rudder pedals.  I’ll be tapping into this site as I work my pedals.  Some of the site is still under construction, but what is there is great.

The Boeing 737NG Simulator Project – If you’re building a flightdeck from scratch, this is where you want to go.  They’ve built two!  A lot of good pictures on the process.  Some interesting ideas on tackling some of the common issues also.

Sim 737NG – Okay, this is Alain Tremblay’s site.  I am actually considering learning french just so that I can understand what he describes here…  this guys is a genius, plain and simple, and google translate doesn’t do him justice.  He is my type of builder…  give me a Lowe’s or Home Depot, a saw, a hammer, and some plumbing…  Throw in some paint…  the difference is, his looks like a 737…  mine looks like a pile of cut up wood and plumbing!

My737Sim – I was very happy to see this site.  Matt Riggins has been a pioneer in flight deck building.  A few months ago, I was disappointed to learn that his extremely informative site,, was no longer being updated.  That site got me through building both my Cessna, and my Cherokee simpit.  Needless to say, as I dug around, I stumbled on Matt’s 737 site, and the reason why he was no longer working on his Cessna.  Fortuitous fate… or just a matter of great minds thinking alike?

737NG Cockpit Project – This site has some great information on a variety of issues encountered from knobs to panels, to interfaces.

Walther’s Flightdeck 737-700 – I’m a little jacked about not finding Walther’s site earlier.  He’s offering rides in his sim starting at 30 Euro!  I spent over 10 years in Germany, a lot of that time living very close to him…  I would have gone broke visiting him in order to fly his sim.

Transavia 737NG Cockpit Project – This site belongs to Andrew.  He’s in the early stages posting on his website, but I’ll be checking back often as he moves forward.

FlightDeck737 Home Cockpit Project – A home cockpit site in Belgium.  Some good info, and easy to navigate.

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