Map and Chart lights

I’ve given up trying to source actual map and chart lights. Just wasn’t worth the money vs. realism effect. I settled on these 12V LEDs for the map lights and the RV rotating ball lights for the chart lights. They are both wired through a four dimmer board to the controls on the sidewall. The chart lights can be adjusted.

New sim PC parts arrived (almost)

Well, surprisingly I had a big box from Newegg today.  It came a lot quicker than I thought it would.  One week for delivery to an APO address.  Better than normal.  the only problem…  one box still hasn’t arrived.  That is the box with the case so I can’t even get started.  That will probably take a month.  Oh well.

Parts for new FSX system

Parts for new FSX system

Ordered the parts to build a new PC for the Sim

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the parts to build a new Main PC for the Sim.  The current PC will slip back to the number two spot.  It will more than likely allow me to actually drop one complete system out of the mix for a total of three.

I decided to go with an intel i7-3770K running on an MSI Z77A-G45 Mainboard with 16GB of G.Skill Trident X RAM.  I was originally going to just get 32GB but nothing I’ve read, nor anyone I’ve talked to leads me to believe it will be needed.  If it is, I can always get it later.

As for the video card…  I was going to go the Nvidia GTX 680 route but decided I could better use the $100+ elsewhere.  I settled on a GalaxyTech GeForce GTX 670 with 4GB of RAM.  I’m going to try out the surround video and see if I can actually get better FPS that way than through the TH2Go.

More to follow when my Newegg package makes it’s way to me.

Last of the Gables Audio Control Panels arrived

I was finally able to get three total Audio Control Panels.  Two identical ones, and one slightly different.  My intent is to put the two identical ones in the Pedestal, and the third one into the overhead.  I’m hoping I can interface them.  I purchased all three of these on ebay from AircraftStock.  He’s got great stuff at great prices.  If anyone has tried to source these pots…  it’s a much better deal to just buy the whole ACP.


My FIRST Genuine Boeing Part!

Front view of an original Boeing 737 Yoke

Hah!!! my first genuine Boeing part…  just won a 737 F/O side yoke and column on ebay.  He says he’ll have the Pilots side up soon.  I also won one rudder pedal.  that will allow me to copy it.  I see a welder in my future.  I’m also looking into casting it.  We’ll see…  I’m interested in seeing what he’s going to sell the CAPT side yoke for.

Well..  it would appear that he figured out he had me hooked.  He started the bidding much higher for the CAPT side yoke.  I put in an initial bid but lost.  Instead, I ordered a yoke from SAID, in Holland.  the pics look GREAT!

Captain's side yoke by Said.